Commuting: Mode of Transportation

King County commuters use private vehicles less, public transit more.

Commuting by public transit, on bicycle, or on foot boosts physical activity, reduces traffic congestion, and decreases auto emissions that contribute to air pollution.  Traffic delays increase overall stress and costs – of food, clothing, building materials, and everything else that is transported on roads.

Since 2005, commuters living in King County and Seattle … 

  • … have decreased their use of private vehicles for commuting (driving alone or carpooling). 

  • … have increased their use of using public transit, walking, biking, and working from home.

These trends are not consistent across King County cities. 

  • In most cities, commute modes have not changed significantly.

  • In Bellevue (the county’s 2nd largest city), use of public transit increased and driving alone decreased, but commuting by other modes did not change. 

  • Tukwila commuters, served by Link Light Rail since 2009, have significantly increased their use of public transit and decreased driving alone to work.