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Communities Count is a resource that supports King County communities in the use of data in promoting and achieving equity. Communities Count does this by:

  • Providing a platform for community data & stories

  • Highlighting data on disparities, inequities and strengths in our community

  • Complementing existing civic, social, economic, and health indicators

  • Providing data support and trainings to King County communities

In our data reports on population and community indicators, Communities Count emphasizes prevention and a long-term view of change while using data to understand how to advance equity work to sustain healthy communities and families.

Our team also provides data support and data trainings for community based organizations in King County on finding, interpreting and using population health data. To learn more, get in touch with us using the Contact Us form on this page.




Creating a vibrant, diverse county where all people have the opportunity to thrive


Providing reliable, timely, and relevant data to improve the quality of life for residents of all King County communities



Communities Count was born out of a collaborative effort among public and private organizations to create a report of population and community indicators for King County and continues to this day as a program to provide King County communities with relevant data to strengthen local equity work.

Communities Count welcomes The Seattle Foundation as both a partner and as fiscal sponsor. Scientific, technical and production support is provided by Public Health - Seattle & King County’s Assessment, Policy Development & Evaluation Unit.

  • Communities Count Partners include:

    • Best Starts for Kids

    • City of Bellevue Parks and Community Services Department

    • City of Seattle

    • Communities of Opportunity

    • King County Department of Community & Human Services

    • Public Health - Seattle & King County

    • The Seattle Foundation

    • United Way of King County

Communities Count is also a member of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership which, in collaboration with the Urban Institute, promotes the use of neighborhood data to improve policy and strengthen communities.




In 1993, Communities Count started as part of the King County Children and Family Commission’s Healthy Communities Project, which was established in response to provisos from the King County Council. The purpose was to create a process among members of the public, Commission members, elected officials and County employees to develop a vision of a healthy community for King County’s children and families and identify concrete ways of evaluating our progress toward that vision.

In 1997 a partnership of organizations set out to identify a unified set of health and social indicators to help monitor King County progress toward more livable communities and set priorities for future actions. Through a community engaged process, the project sought community input on the conditions King County residents found most valuable to track and included things like basic needs, such as food and housing; a positive atmosphere for personal and family development; and safe and healthy neighborhoods. Using this core indicator set, the data collection partnership conducted a telephone survey of King County residents and a series of focus groups to collect information on these social and health indicators. Results were released as a series of reports from 2000-2008, which can be accessed in the Communities Count archive.

Currently Communities Count provides an online data platform for King County communities, featuring a curated set of health and social indicators sourced from population datasets. Communities Count also provides training and support in using data to assess, understand and act on inequities to improve community health and wellbeing.


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