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Seattle adults were less likely than those in other regions to be involved in religious organizations or congregations.

Involvement in community organizations was measured by asking King County adults how actively they had participated in 7 specific types of organizations in the past 12 months, and if they had participated in any additional organizations.   

In 2011, 70% of King County adults were “very active” or “somewhat active” in at least 1 organization in their community.  There were no significant differences in organizational involvement by region of the county.  However, there were regional differences in the types of community organizations in which adults were active in 2011.

  • Seattle and East Region adults were more likely than adults in South Region to say they were active in school or educational organizations.
  • Adults in East and South Regions were more likely than those in Seattle and North Region to report activity in youth and youth sports organizations.
  • Seattle adults were less likely than those in other regions to say they were active in a religious organization.
  • There were no regional differences in participation in arts/culture organizations.
  • Adults in all regions were equally unlikely to report active participation in neighborhood, political, or civic groups (data not shown).