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While the percentage of King County adults who are overweight has stayed about the same since the late 1980s, the rate of obesity has tripled.

At any stage of life, obesity can have serious health consequences, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Overweight children are at risk of becoming obese adults; obese children are likely to remain obese in adulthood.

In 2011, 55% of King County adults (about 840,000) were either obese or overweight, up from 37% in 1987.

  • Increased obesity, not overweight, drove this trend. In 1987, 7% of adults were obese and 30% were overweight. By 2011, the percent of obese adults had¬†increased 3-fold, to 20%, while the percent of overweight adults, at 35%, was about the same.
  • These upward trends have plateaued, as neither obesity nor overweight changed significantly over the past 5 years.
  • At 55%, the 2011 combined rate of overweight and obesity among King County adults was lower than 2010 rates in Washington State (62%) or the nation (64%) (2010 data, not shown, are the latest available).