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Currently, the overwhelming majority of students are not sufficiently physically active, although that percentage has decreased since 2006.


In a survey of Washington public school students, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders were asked about the amount of physical activity they had undertaken in the past week. National guidelines recommend at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day for young people. For 2014 and 2016 combined, 78% of students reported insufficient physical activity levels.

  • Trends: Overall, the percent of students who do not meet physical activity guidelines has decreased from 84% in 2006 to 79% in 2016.  The rates for students in all regions and race/ethnic groups trended downward.
  • Grade level: Students in higher grades were more likely to be physically inactive. While 73% of 8th grade students did not meet activity recommendations, 82% of 12th grade students did not meet the guidelines.
  • Race and ethnicity: American Indian/Alaskan Natives (69%), Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders (74%) and Black/African Americans (76%) were less likely than the county average to be inactive.  Asian students (84%) and Hispanic/Latino students (81%) were more likely to be inactive.
  • Gender: Females were more likely than males to not meet physical activity guidelines (85% and 72%, respectively).