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Native speakers of English are less satisfied with their commute times than those whose native language is not English.

Commuting by public transit, on bicycle, or on foot boosts physical activity, reduces traffic congestion, and decreases auto emissions that contribute to air pollution.  Traffic delays increase overall stress and costs – of food, clothing, building materials, and everything else that is transported on roads.

Two-thirds of respondents to a 2011 community survey said that, as an aspect of their neighborhood, they were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ satisfied with their commute time to work or school.  Groups expressing less satisfaction with commute time included:

  • Residents age 65 and older, compared to younger residents.
  • Whites, compared to people of color.
  • Adults whose first language was English, compared to those whose first language was not English.

Satisfaction with commute was not related to gender, ethnicity, country of birth, education, household income, employment status, military service, relationship status, or having children in the household (most data not shown).