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Most Washington firms offer no retirement benefits to employees. 

Employer-provided benefits can make a crucial difference in meeting the needs of workers and their families.  Family-friendly benefits include health care; child care; flexible schedules; telecommuting; retirement; paid sick leave, vacation, and holidays. 

Although data about most benefits are available only at the state level, about a third of Washington’s workforce – and 41% of non-farm employees – live in King County.

  • More than half of the private companies in Washington do not offer retirement benefits to full-time employees, and more than 75% do not offer these benefits to part-time employees.
  • In the last 25 years, defined-contribution plans, which include 401(k)’s, profit-sharing, and stock bonuses, have replaced defined-benefit plans.
  • As with other benefits, large companies were more likely than smaller ones to offer retirement plans to their employees. While 93% of companies with 500 or more employees offered some kind of retirement plan, only 33% of firms with fewer than 10 employees offered a retirement benefit in 2011 (data not shown).