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Adults in households with children were less satisfied with their access to entertainment than those in households without children (statistically significant only in Seattle).

Neighborhood access to public transit, pleasant places to walk, and amenities such as entertainment, restaurants, and food stores can affect transportation choices and quality of life.

In a 2011 telephone survey, King County adults were asked about their satisfaction with neighborhood access to entertainment, the number and quality of neighborhood grocery stores and restaurants, and the ease and pleasantness of walking in the neighborhood.

  • Adults in households with children were less satisfied than those without children with access to restaurants and entertainment in their neighborhoods.
  • Although this pattern of differences was observed in all 4 King County regions, the difference was statistically significant only in Seattle, and only for access to entertainment.
  • Characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, education, income, relationship status, health, and veteran status were not related to satisfaction with access to neighborhood amenities.