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The disability rate for adults in households with children was about half the rate for those in households without children.

1 in 5 King County adults belongs to the county’s largest minority group – people with disabilities. Membership in this group can change with time and circumstance.  Most adults will have a disability at some point in their lives. 

Averaging telephone survey data from 2007 through 2011, 23% of King County adults said they were limited by a physical, emotional, or mental problem; or had a health problem that required use of equipment such as a cane, wheelchair, special bed, or special telephone.

  • In general, disability rates were higher for adults without partners than for those in married or unmarried couple relationships. For adults younger than age 30, however, disability rates did not differ by relationship status (data not shown).
  • The disability rate for adults in households without children was almost double that for those in households with children. This difference persisted even when adults older than 45 were excluded from the analysis.