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Seattle residents were more satisfied than residents of other King County regions with their access to public transportation. 

Neighborhood access to public transit, pleasant places to walk, and amenities such as entertainment, restaurants, and food stores can affect transportation choices and quality of life. 

69% of respondents to a 2011 community survey were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ satisfied with access to public transportation from their neighborhoods. 

  • Residents of Seattle were more likely to be satisfied with access to transit than were those in East, North or South Regions.
  • Adults living in the East and South Regions were less likely to be satisfied with transit access than those in North Region, and less likely to be satisfied than County respondents as a whole.

"Beacon Hill has many immigrant families. Many new immigrants move into the neighborhood and they have limited income. The bus routes are convenient for the Chinese immigrants who go to Chinatown and downtown…. During summer, I take my children to play at the park. Also, I enjoy the library. I borrow ESL books from the library to study. I take my children to their story time. The library is a safe and quiet place for me and my children to go."
Mother of 2 in 2-parent Chinese-immigrant family living in a single bedroom in a house they rent with extended family in Beacon Hill.