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Obesity rates were highest in South Region and lowest in Seattle and East Region.

At any stage of life, obesity can have serious health consequences, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Overweight children are at risk of becoming obese adults; obese children are likely to remain obese in adulthood

To compare obesity rates among sub-groups, 3 years of data (2009-2011) were combined. Overall, 21% of King County adults were obese; 34% were overweight.

  • 28% of adults in South Region were obese – higher than each of the other regions and King County as a whole.
  • East Region had the lowest percentage of obese adults.
  • King County’s 21% rate of obesity for 2009-2011 compares favorably to a national rate of 36% for 2010. However, King County’s lower overall rate masks significant racial/ethnic group disparities (data on separate page).
  • Since 1994, the first year data were available by region, the combined percentage of overweight and obese adults increased in each of King County’s four regions (data not shown).