4th Grade Progress >> Reading by District

The percentage of 4th graders who met state reading standards ranged from 58.3% in Tukwila to 90.8% in Mercer Island. 

Education is widely regarded as the great leveler, an “intervention” that pays off in higher wages and better health. But timing is crucial. Providing quality education before age 5 creates a powerful domino effect, yielding long-term benefits to individuals and society at large. 

For Washington students in grades 3 through 8, the “Measurements of Student Progress” (MSP) assess proficiency in reading, math, writing (grades 4 & 7 only), and science (grades 5 & 8).  NOTE: King County has 19 school districts, but data on the smallest district, Skykomish, were omitted because the number of 4th graders was <5.

71.5% of 4th graders in Washington State met the reading standard. In King County …

  • At 90.8%, Mercer Island had the highest percentage of students who met the reading standard.
  • South Region districts Highline, Tukwila, Kent, Federal Way, Vashon Island, Renton, and Enumclaw had the lowest percentages of students meeting standards.
  • In one South Region district, Tahoma, 90.6% of 4th graders met reading standards.
  • Students in East and North Region schools were most likely to meet reading standards.  In both of the North Region districts and in 5 of 6 East Region districts, more than 80% of students met standards.  The exception in East Region was Riverview.