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People of color, Hispanics, and adults born outside the U.S. were more likely to worry about safety than whites, non-Hispanics, and adults born in the U.S.

Feeling safe and secure at home, work, and play is basic to a sense of well-being and can influence healthy behaviors. 

In 2011, King County adults were asked how often in the preceding 12 months they worried about 6 specific threats to their safety, the safety of their children, and the safety of their home. The mean perceived safety score for King County adults was 24.3, with a possible range from 6 (low perceived safety) to 30 (high perceived safety). See Notes & Sources for more detail.

  • Whites worried about safety less than adults of other races.
  • Non-Hispanics worried about safety less than Hispanics. 
  • Adults born in the U.S. worried about safety less than those not born in the U.S.
  • Adults whose first language was English worried about safety less than those whose primary language was not English.