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In 2011, fewer than half of private companies in Washington offered paid sick leave or retirement plans to their full-time employees. 

Employer-provided benefits can make a crucial difference in meeting the needs of workers and their families.  Family-friendly benefits include health care; child care; flexible schedules; telecommuting; retirement; paid sick leave, vacation, and holidays.  

Although data about most benefits are available only at the state level, about a third of Washington’s workforce – and 41% of non-farm employees – live in King County.

  • All types of leave: From 2006 to 2011, the percentage of private companies in Washington State offering paid leave to full-time and part-time employees decreased for all types of leave (2006 data not shown).
  • Paid vacation: In 2011, 68% of companies offered vacation leave to their full-time employees, down from 74% in 2006 (2006 data not shown).
  • Paid sick leave: While fewer than half of Washington companies offered paid sick leave to employees in 2011, that percentage should go up soon in Seattle, where a new law requires firms with 5 or more employees to offer paid sick leave.
  • From the employees’ perspective:Although a substantial portion of companies do not offer benefits, most private firms in the state are small businesses with few employees. The majority of workers are employed by companies with more than 100 employees, most of which offer benefits. In 2011 …
    • … 84% of full-time employees were offered health insurance
    • … 74% were offered retirement benefits
    • … 61% were offered sick leave
    • … 78% were offered vacation leave
    • … 80% were offered holiday leave
    • … 40% were offered undesignated leave