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Maps of Regions & Cities, Cities & Neighborhoods, School Districts, Census Tracts

Whenever possible, Communities Count reports data for King County as a whole and for four regions within the county, as shown on the first map below.  If enough data are available for a valid analysis, they may be reported by smaller geographic areas (cities, neighborhoods within large cities, and groups of smaller cities and unincorporated areas), as shown on the second map.  Click on the maps to open larger versions of them.


King County Regions & Cities

Click on the map to the left to see a larger version of King County’s 4 regions, with embedded population estimates.  The exact boundaries of King County’s regions depend on the data source.  For this map, and unless otherwise noted in the indicator’s Notes & Sources page, the geographic boundaries of the four King County regions (North, Seattle, East, and South) are defined by the aggregation of U.S. Census Bureau-defined block groups.


King County Cities & Neighborhoods

Click on the map to the left to see a larger version of King County’s Cities & Neighborhoods - also known as Health Reporting Areas (HRAs)- which were created to coincide with city boundaries in King County.  HRAs are based on aggregations of U.S. Census Bureau-defined blocks.  Where possible, HRAs correspond to neighborhoods within large cities, and delineate unincorporated areas of King County. HRAs were designed to help cities and planners as they consider issues related to local health status or healthy policy.


King County School Districts

Click on the map to the left to see a larger version of King County’s 19 school districts.


King County Census Tracts

Click on the map to the left to go to King County Census Viewer, which offers survey-based estimates of age and sex, income and poverty, language, race/ethnicity, and % foreign-born information for King County census tracts.  Estimates are based on 5-year averages (2010-2014) of American Community Survey data. Census tract look-ups provide links to 7 detailed maps of census tracts in King County.