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In 2011, the highest rates of discrimination in King County were reported in areas of Seattle with the greatest socioeconomic and racial diversity. 

Unfair treatment based on gender, age, race or color, ethnic background, language, social class or socioeconomic position, sexual orientation, religion, or disability are examples of discrimination, which can impact health, employment, and life satisfaction. 

King County adults were asked about whether, in 12 specific settings, they had “experienced discrimination, been prevented from doing something, or been hassled or made to feel inferior” during the past year. In 2011, 27% of adults reported that they experienced some type of discrimination.

  • The more socioeconomically and racially diverse areas of Seattle had higher rates of reported discrimination in 2011, although differences among areas were too small to be statistically significant.
  • Although the sample size was not sufficient to detect statistically significant changes by small geographies, 4 King County areas showed double-digit changes in reported discrimination from 2007 to 2011.
    • White Center/Boulevard Park decreased from 48% to 31%
    • Renton decreased from 36% to 25%.
    • West Seattle/Delridge decreased from 27% to 17%.
    • Capitol Hill/Eastlake increased from 29% to 43%.