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Adults at the highest income and education levels participated more in enriching activities than those with the lowest earnings and least education.

Balancing work and chores with enjoyable activities helps to relieve the pressures of day-to-day life.  King County adults were asked about their participation in 9 types of cultural, spiritual, athletic, educational, or community-service activities over the past 30 days. Response options were “very active,” “somewhat active,” “not very active,” and “not active at all.”

Significant associations of income and education with participation in enriching activities were not surprising.  Adults without a college degree may need to work longer hours to make ends meet and may therefore have less time for enriching activities. 

  • Adults making more than $65,000 a year were more active that those with annual incomes below $35,000.
  • College graduates participated more actively than those with some college, and both were more active than adults with a high school education.