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More than half of all King County school districts required community service for graduation in 2011 – a substantial increase since 2000.

The ethic of service – giving our time and talents to help others and benefit the common good – develops within families and is often reinforced in schools. Since 2000, Communities Count has surveyed King County school districts to learn how they encourage students to participate in community service.

18 of King County’s 19 school districts responded to Communities Count’s request for information in 2011. Of these, only 1 neither encouraged nor required community service in their middle and/or high schools.  All remaining districts had some kind of community service program in high school, and 9 extended these programs to middle schools.

  • 67% of the responding districts reported that they encouraged participation in community service in 2011.
  • From 2000 to 2011, the percent of King County school districts that required community service for graduation increased from 11% to 56%.