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On-time graduation rates were greater than 90% in more than a third of all King County school districts.

Education is widely regarded as the great leveler, an “intervention” that pays off in higher wages and better health. Graduation from high school is a prerequisite for higher education and for most living-wage jobs. 

A new method of calculating on-time graduation tracks the same cohort of students through high school. Those who graduate with their class 4 years later are counted as graduating “on time.” To graduate in 2011-12, students had to pass high school proficiency exams in reading and writing; requirements for passing math and science end-of-course exams will be added between 2013 and 2015. 

In King County overall, 79.4% of students in the Class of 2012 graduated “on time” (in 4 years, with the same cohort of students with which they started high school).However, on-time graduation varied considerably by school district.

  • More than 90% of students graduated on time in 7 King County school districts; all but 2 school districts were in East Region.
  • On-time graduation rates were especially low for Tukwila (59.8%) and Highline (65.8%) districts.