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Women were more likely than men to be active in community service and helping others.

The ethic of service – giving our time and talents to help others and benefit the common good – develops within families and is often reinforced in faith communities, youth organizations, and schools.

King County adults were asked how actively they had participated, in the past month, in community service or helping others (volunteering, mentoring, or political organizing).  47% responded that they were “very” or “somewhat” active.

  • Women were more likely than men to report community service.
  • Adults age 45-64 were more likely than those age 25-44 to have served others in the community.
  • Adults in excellent, very good, or good health were more likely than those in poor or fair health to help others in their communities.
  • Community service did not differ by race, ethnicity, country of birth, primary language, income, education, employment, veteran status, relationship status, or the presence of children in the household (data not shown).