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Seattle rates of both binge and excessive drinking are higher than rates in East Region.

Excessive alcohol use is associated with many chronic health problems, including liver disease, inflammation of the pancreas, high blood pressure, stroke, and various cancers. It is also a factor in many injuries and acts of violence, and can harm a developing fetus. 

Averaging data from 2009 through 2011:

  • Approximately 1 in 5 King County adults were excessive drinkers and slightly fewer (17%) were binge drinkers. See Notes & Sources for definitions of excessive, binge, and heavy drinking.
  • Seattle’s rates of binge drinking (20%) and excessive drinking (23%) were significantly higher than the rates in East Region (15% and 16%, respectively).
  • In both Washington State and the U.S.A., 15% of adults reported binge drinking in 2010.

Excessive drinking trends:

  • From the time when these data first became available (in 2005) to 2011, excessive drinking increased in South Region (from 16% to 21%), North Region (from 11% to 17%), and in King County overall (from 16% to 19%) (data not shown).
  • From the beginning of the recession (2007) to 2011, however, no significant trends emerged in any region or in King County as a whole (data not shown).